KickTown is an exclusive new club for fans of football and football challenges across the globe.

The Kickband

The KickBand gives you access to everything KickTown has to offer. Secure and waterproof, they allow you to access the exclusive KickTown app, unlock awesome augmented reality content and will ultimately be your key to the first KickTown arena and others beyond.

Club KickBand

Access the KickTown app

Pair your KickBand to the KickTown app to access to everything club membership has to offer. Connect with other fans, play epic football mobile games and explore exclusive content.

Unlock augmented reality content

The KickBand triggers exclusive augmented reality content within the KickTown app. From games to members-only updates from Harry, the key is on your wrist!

Record arena challenge attempts

The first KickTown arena is due to open before the end of the year and your KickBand will be vital for recording your scores and capturing your attempts on video when you tackle the bespoke built football challenges (with valid admission).


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The KickTown App

Paired with your KickBand, the KickTown app is your access to everything club membership has to offer.

Access your challenge scores and video footage

View and share the scores and videos of your attempts on our bespoke football challenges at our first concept arena (with valid admission).

Exclusive members content

The KickTown app gives you exclusive access to content – so you can enjoy updates from Harry and the KickTown team before everyone else.

Play epic KickTown games

The KickTown app gives you access to awesome football mobile games and online leaderboards. See how you rank against the pros and your mates.

Connect and compete with friends

Compete on KickTown mobile games and share football challenge attempts with your mates.

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Our new Concept Arena has launched at The O2. Attempt the Ricochet Ramp, see where you rank on Hole in the Goal and walk away with epic footage of you taking on the Supercar Boot Shoot.


Unlock the app, compete with friends on members only mobile games, track your scores and compare your videos from visits to the arena.