Set to launch across the UK, KickTown arenas will host a range of bespoke built challenges where its members can train and compete. With integrated tech triggered by your KickBand you can head down and record your scores and capture your attempts for all to see.

The Concept Arena

KickTown's first Concept Arena launched at The O2 at the end of last year. Small but buzzing with energy, it houses the first three of KickTown's football challenges, a first glimpse at KickTown merch and other exclusive members-only events and areas.

Epic Football Challenges

Meticulously designed on Harry Lewis, W2S, originals, these custom built football challenges integrate some of the latest technology for the gaming and leisure industry.

Members only Events & Areas

From Cafes and Party Rooms, to Exec Boxes and Games Rooms, each arena will have membership areas with regular events and competitions. The perfect place to compete, train and hang out with your mates.

Merchandise Store

Hit the store to get yourself a new boot bag, sports bottle or kit yourself out in the latest hoodie – as worn by Harry himself!


Our new Concept Arena has launched at The O2. Attempt the Ricochet Ramp, see where you rank on Hole in the Goal and walk away with epic footage of you taking on the Supercar Boot Shoot.


There might just be 3 going into our Concept Arena, but new ones will be released across 2020!


Ricochet Ramp

Don’t let this lil’ ramp fool you it’s trickier than it looks. Only a limited amount of attempts are available in The Football Challenge – and even pros have been known to leave with a score of zero.


Colossal Crossbar

Standing at over 5m high, the Colossal Crossbar has even the best footballers reaching for the sky. Whether you drop kick or not however, is up to you!


Supercar Boot Shoot

Crafted from the shell of a famous supercar, this challenge is infamous online. Now it’s your turn, will you or won’t you get it in the boot?


Tower Drop

How quick off the mark are you? This challenge tests your reactions as it drops the ball from more than 3m ready for you to sink it straight into the goal – will you let it bounce though? That's the ultimate question.


Hole in the Goal

Think you’ve got the skills to put it in the top bin? Well this challenge will give you the chance to prove it. Top technology will give you a score by the positioning of the ball in one of the eight holes in the goal.


Rooftop Rumble

The biggest of all six this challenge is a whopper. Can you get it past the defenders and into the goal? Or are you going to sacrifice it all trying to get it into the hoop?

Take the Challenge

Home to bespoke built football challenges, KickTown arenas are the ultimate place to practice, attempt and capture your skills.

Top the leaderboards

Using the latest technology in the gaming and leisure industry, KickTown helps you keep track of all your scores, ranking them on our leaderboards so you can see how you compare to the pros.

Share your own videos of epic moments

Triggered by your KickBand, it’s not only your scores that are captured for you, but footage of your attempts so you can view them in the arena or share them on social for all your mates to see.