Find out more about social distancing and the safety measures currently in place at the arena.
W2S challenges Calfreezy to a game of Stadium Sprint…who will get the highest score and be the ultimate champion…
A compilation of some of W2S’s favourite KickTown goals! Get a sneak peak of the Challenge Harry prize draw winners trying out all the challenges at the Concept Arena.
W2S in joined by Callux, Calfeezy and Theo Baker at the KickTown Concept Arena. Watch them compete for ‘$10,000’, last to miss wins! Look out for some top scores…
On Saturday 8th February you could be attempting the challenges with Harry at KickTown
Watch Harry and his family try out the first three KickTown Challenges! Find out who got the elusive 10… Also keep an eye out for the best shots of the Testing Team Prize Draw.
A behind the scenes look at the KickTown Concept Arena being built at The O2! Join Harry for a tour of the Concept Arena... keep your eyes peeled for an appearance from Harry’s dad!
W2S attempts explains the KickTown app and mini games. Harry challenges Gib to a game of Top Bins with an interesting losers forfeit… who will get the highest score? And who will come to a bitter end...
W2S takes a break from his adventures in Hawaii to answer your questions about KickTown! Be sure to look out for Harry and his brother shooting footballs into the back of the Supercar Boot Shoot in the middle of The O2 Arena… in the middle of the night!
w2s, harry
The chance to see behind the scenes of KickTown, join Harry for a tour of the warehouse and take a look at the Challenges. It may explain where Harry has been for the last 8 months…

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