Half an Hour With Harry

Full Name: Harry Lewis
Favourite Nickname: Haroldinho
Age: 22 (17 at heart)

Harry, we think we might be able to guess this from the KickTown branding, but what’s your favourite colour?
Turquoise Blue

And what about your favourite animal?
Meerkats… I think… and Hedgehogs! Can I have two?

So, we all know you are a famous YouTube extraordinaire, but if you had to do any other job, what would it be?
I always wanted to be an Architect. I enjoy drawing and designing things.

Some say you have the largest football channel in the world, but do you have a favourite footballer? And what team do you really support?
Technically Chelsea, but I pretend to support a lot of teams just to annoy people… oh and it’s got to be Frank Lampard. Legend.

You’re not just keen for a kickabout, but you also play a lot of FIFA on your channel as well, what’s your best ever FIFA pack opening?
FIFA 15 TOTY, I packed TOTY Ronaldo and Messi in the same video!

On the subject of football, what challenge are you most excited about?
I can’t wait to watch everyone’s volleys from the Tower Drop. And I’m looking forward to seeing if it’s possible for someone to score a full streak of 10s on the Ricochet Ramp.

Yeah, so the development of KickTown is super exciting for you and the team right now, but what’s been your favourite moment in all of it so far?
It’s got to be seeing the challenges begin to take shape for the first time. There’s so much involved in their build and development, it’s been awesome to see them go from something on paper to a proper physical thing you can kick balls at… or that fires footballs at you!

We hear there’s a giant Crossbar being developed, which make sense considering it’s one of the ultimate challenges you do on your channel. What’s your best Crossbar hit of all time?
That time when I was wearing a blue onesie vs the Sidemen and hit the crossbar with a volley! Actually, I might design a blue onesie for the store, just to celebrate it!

I’ve also just heard that the shell of a famous supercar has just landed in the R&D facility for a challenge based on your famous Lambo video… If you could have your dream car what would it be?
It would have to be a Tesla Model X. Although not sure I would be kicking Footballs into it!

Apparently, you once broke your mum’s nose by kicking a football at her, but what’s the worst injury you’ve ever got filming?
Surprisingly, despite falling off my roof multiple times and kicking footballs off a 300ft cliff, I’ve never had more than a grazed knee from filming my videos.

Sticking to the slightly more morbid vibe, what would you have for your final meal?
For a starter… Camembert with breadsticks. Main would have to be Sausage and Mash and then I’d probably finish with a cheeseboard. I just really like cheese!

Interesting, in that case, if you could only eat one type of cheese for the rest of your life – what would it be?
I would say Brie, but I reckon I’d get sick of it so I’m gonna go with Red Leicester.

So, if you had to eat Red Leicester for the rest of your life but in return got a superpower – what superpower would you want?
To be able to fly.

Finally Harry… tell us something no-one knows about you…
I like to think I can cook a surprisingly good steak.


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